British Unit WFM&UCW

Since the 12th World Assembly in Johannesburg in August 2011, MWiB is in effect the British Unit of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women (WFM&UCW). 

The MWiB President, currently Linda Crossley, is also British Unit President within the WFM&UCW; the MWiB Finance and Resources Officer, currently Gillian Womersley, is the Unit Treasurer; and the Unit Correspondent’s role is held by Liz Marriott as MWiB Communications Officer. 

The role of Britain and Ireland Area President alternates each quinquennium between the British and Irish Units, so from 2011-2016 it is the turn of the British Unit to provide an Area President.  Currently, Alison Judd is Area President and serves on the MWiB executive as World Federation Area Officer.  (The Britain and Ireland Area Vice-President is Maureen Young from the Irish Unit). 

As a unit we were very excited to take over 50 women to Johannesburg, South Africa, to attend the 12th World Assembly. Click here for news and stories from the Assembly. Since then the British Unit women have continued to work towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, focussing particularly on MDG 7 (Environmental sustainability) and MDG 3 (Gender equality and the empowerment of women).

In June 2014 around 100 women from the Britain and Ireland Area will join an equal number of women from the Europe Continental Area in Hotel Selene, Pomezia, near Rome for a Joint Areas Seminar, under the theme: ‘Forward together in hope.’  Click here for further information and a booking pack.

The Tree of Life mailing is the international magazine of the WFM&UCW and is available for you to read here.

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